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Color Camp | June 20-29, 2017 | 29 Palms Art Gallery

* Color Camp: Chalk and Paint
29 Palms Art Gallery
• JUNE 20-29 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
• 8:30-11 am
• Youth (ages 5-17)  
• $60
(members), $75 (non-members)

Class sizes are limited.  REGISTER NOW


The focus of this camp is to have students develop a deep understanding of the use of color in a variety of media. The class will include practice and experimentation with color theory, examples from famous artists, and training using the tools of art for best results. By the end of the class each student will have created a portfolio of work in a variety of media and styles of art.

Day 1, June 20: Collage Portfolio Making
Day 2, June 21: The Color Wheel and Color Theory Charts
Day 3, June 22: Monochromatic Fruit Still Life
Day 4, June 27: Analogous Color Landscape Drawing
Day 5, June 28: Polychromatic Complimentary Color Abstract Expression Painting
Day 6, June 29: Atmospheric Perspective and Light