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StarParty | Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theatre | July 21st, 2017

Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theatre
JT Lake 2601 Sunfair Rd., JT
Friday, July 21st
8pm - 11pm

An evening focused on the distant and mysterious "Dwarf" Planet,,, PLUTO as we will venture to grab a view of this faint object with our visual telescopes. That's right! Visual seeing of the tiny rock so far away, as it moves into Sagittarius we can perhaps get a glimpse of this rarely seen place in our solar system.

We will also be introducing a new program that will become part of our regular show where we go IDA dark for a laser tour of the night sky. This is inspired by the notion that more attention needs to be put on the environmental thoughts of how the International Dark-Sky Association has been fighting for quality night skies for over a quarter of a century. We will celebrate this organization and with that be making a very special announcement regarding them and our desert night skies.

Please drive SLOWLY in the Campground to keep dust low and remember your comforts and libations. We ask $5.00 at the door, though never turn anyone away. We do insist that pets be left at home. No pets please.

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