Thanking those who give back to the Community | John's Place, Yucca Valley

John's Place, Yucca Valley offers FREE Thanksgiving to the Morongo Basin for their 31st year !!

John's Place is our very own quintessential Traditional American Restaurant.   Locally owned by John Tsoiolis, the Yucca Valley location has been providing top notch service and meals since 1987, their menus are varied and sure to please the palate of any traveler, picky toddler, or family.   Open seven days a week they offer an extensive breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus plus daily specials too!   They recently secured 1st Place against some stiff competition with Best burger in Morongo Basin's 2016 "Best of the Best" Reader's Choice Awards.    

The opening of the 29 Palms location near Rite Aid was a huge win for 29 Palms as now have two locations to pop in for a quick snack or take the family out for a sit-down meal.  This American Diner has quick service , commendable business practices and is one to appreciate.  

What you may not know about John's Place is how they give back to the community.  This business has beaten the small-town success odds, build loyal customers, risked in growth and then spends their Thanksgiving holiday, as a family and staff, to provide service to us... the community for no cost.  What a gracious gift this establishment has to offer for the lonely hearts, travelers, less fortunate, everyone or anyone.  A snippet from their Facebook Page reads, "To help ring this season in, we would like to invite you all to our 31st annual Thanksgiving, this is our way of showing our gratitude to you all for supporting us through another year! Everyone is welcome, come on in from 7-11am for our mouth watering ham and eggs, and from 11am- 3pm start on our delicious turkey dinner! We hope for a great turn out, Happy Thanksgiving!"

So many businesses are out for themselves or struggling to a point where they can't give back even if they wanted to.  This is not the case with John's Place and something that should be appreciated and rewarded throughout the year when you're looking for a place to stop.  Seriously folks..... this is a business to support so when you're looking to #EatLocal , please remember this story.    

We've never taken the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with John's place ourselves but that doesn't leave me without Thanks for the offer!  As a member of the community, small business owner and borderline foodie I'd like to say THANK YOU JOHN'S PLACE for doing what you do.

Rent29 would also like to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to our tenants, readers and followers.