Joshua Tree National Park | What Formed these Rocks? |

Joshua Tree National Park just released the cutest animation video about the rock formation and how they've formed.    

When I first started rock climbing decades ago (eek, that's dating me) I would travel to JTNP with my sister Debora and friends. We inevitably would take the drive in through the Cottonwood Entrance and without exception have U2's Joshua Tree Album playing on the car stereo. On one of these countless visits she made the observation that the landscape looked as if a giant was playing with super-sized Tonka trucks and just dumped the rocks in piles. That visual has stuck with me over time and seemed just as reasonable as anything else as the formations were so mysterious.  

According to JTNP is the 12th most visited National Park with visitorship projection of over 2.5 million visitors for the 2016 season. Rent29 encourages you to #FindYourPark and explore your backyard; attend ranger hikes and programs and stay tuned to our Happenings Page for updates of special events and media releases.