Keep your pet safe for 4th of July | GPS • TAG • SECURE • MICROCHIP


Every year around Independence Day we hear of lost pets who have gone off frightened due to Fireworks.  You're enjoying BBQ's with friends, singing the National Anthem and in awe of the Fireworks Display at the local park with family.  Unknowingly, Fito is running off in the desert or worse.   

"July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters, with lost-pet reports spiking by 30 percent nationwide. Without proper microchip or collar identification, 90 percent of those pets never return home. Acting fast when your pet is on the move is critical." ~whistle

Everyone wants to keep their pets safe, so don't delay in thinking ahead about the most basic precautions.


  1. Exercise your Pet - a bit of exhaustion helps in sleep
  2. Collar and Tag -  verify current contact information
  3. Microchip and register - critical should collar be off
  4. Secure your home - Check gates, fences and doors 
  5. If he has a Thundershirt  - Put it on 
  6. Consider Drugs - Benadryl, Melatonin or Vet prescribed 
  7. View Tips from the ASPCA 
  8. ORDER a Whistle GPS Tracker!!!!!  

Our Dog, the beautiful Nora, is monitored with 24/7 with GPS tracking through Whistle.  Not only for 4th of July or thunderstorms but for day to day security. Even the most secure yard can have an gate left open, fence-line breach or maybe you have a jumper or seasoned escape artist.  

Our personal story goes back 5 years.  We in the care of George the dog, while our dear Marine buddy was in the field.  George was familiar with us, our home and our yard but didn't stop him from jumping our fence while we were out and  had run off without our knowledge.  George was now on the loose in an unpopulated area and ultimately struck and killed on the Highway.  The story is harsh to share, very sad and one that could have been avoided. A tragedy that had us searching for a solution to protect our pet from a similar fate.  Since that day have had 24/7/365 monitoring of our pet and encourage others to do so too.

Whistle Activity for Nora - likes those cool evenings! -

For less than the cost of 2 coffees a month you can protect your pet and monitor whereabouts.  The small tracker attaches to your pet's collar.  It's easily charged and works with WiFi or Cellular service.  If you walk your dog off-leash and a bunny hops on by... an APP allows you can track Fluffy following her every move until she comes back... or you go fetch her.   Devil-winds blow your gate open while at work,? Don't worry you'll get a text and/or email stating that Max is on the run.  You can immediately track his whereabouts for retrieval.   Added bonus is monitoring activity and setting exercise goals.  Check out our Nora, she's a night creeper. 

At Rent29 we wish all our tenants and followers the most joyous 4th of July.  We hate reading the Lost-pet groups for those searching tirelessly for their run-away.  Take action early and have the same peace of mind we do.  If not GPS, please read the other tips and be mindful of your pet's  anxiety level.  ~Susan



Take advantage of the Whistle Refer-A-Friend Promo and Save $20!   The Monitor $59,  comes with 1 month service.  In full disclosure, as the referrer we receive a free month of service - but honestly our goal is to share the knowledge, coupon and to protect our local pets!  Cost of protection is less than $7 a month.... heck, Netflix cost more than that!