Tonight's SuperDuper Moon, one not to miss!

Photo credit, Popular Mechanics

Photo credit, Popular Mechanics

According to a Supermoon is, "A Full or New Moon that occurs when the center of the Moon is less than 360,000 kilometers (ca. 223,694 miles) from the center of Earth" .

Today, November 14th our moon will come as close to earth as it has since 1948 and we won't see this proximity again until 2034 making it a super duper moon!   

The moon with proximity to earth will appear bigger, brighter than your normal full moon so a great opportunity for those of you who want to take moonlight walks in Joshua Tree National Park, JTNP Ranger Led Hike, moonlight rock climbing or perhaps book a Moon Tour with Coyote Telescope Tours to view the moon through Celestron Telescope.

Professional equipment won't' be required but a lawn chair and your preferred beverage may be in order.  Or consider join in the potluck picnic and viewing held at Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theatre starting at 5pm.

When's the best time for viewing?  Well according to, "It is possible that the moon will look extra-large to you if you see it near the horizon. This is a well-known effect called the "moon illusion." Scientists suggest it may result because viewers can easily compare the moon to nearby buildings, or because human brains just process objects on the horizon as larger than objects of similar size high in the sky."  So for us, that puts best viewing for Twentynine Palms & Joshua Tree with moonrise at 5:20pm.   

Can't make it out tonight?  You've got another chance of watching the last of 2016 Supermoon's which comes around next month,  December 13th.